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About The Sports Girls

The Sports Girls, LLC is a charity multi-media & event planning organization that also produces The Inside Score podcast.

About The Girls




Beth is a long time football fan, and overall sports and health enthusiast. She Hosted The Inside Score podcast on Voice America Network and PodCastone for almost four years. Our show is currently being evaluated by several Nation Wide Networks, and will re-launch in 2018.  She is the Creator and brains behind The Sports Girls LLC.  She has helped athletes from all over the world generate revenue, find sponsorship for their foundations, and create events from start to finish with one end goal: To help every athlete that is doing positive things in their community showcase their foundation and charity.  She is a published author of the book, The Adventures of Mattie Mae; Life Lessons Through The Eyes Of A Puppy, of which partial proceeds are donated to the humane society.


Beth has been in many commercials, and also was a guest actor on Miami Ink. She was a Marketing Director for Clear Channel Radio in Tampa, responsible for overall event sales, implementation, and venue selections for eight radio stations. She has a Bachelors Degree from Michigan State University with a focus on broadcasting, and has also worked as an animal health pharmaceutical rep for Fortune 500 Companies such as Pfizer and Boehringer Ingelheim. 


Her passion for the sporting industry lead her to create the ultimate destination for women who love and want to learn about sports now known as “The Sports Girls” series. Beth is currently doing several radio shows all over the United States as she kicks off her Nation-Wide Search for the final “Sports Girl”. 


Beth is the focal point of the “Sports Girls.” She is the head anchor, creator, and writer that ties the show together. Her relationships with the other hosts on the show differ in many ways, but the outcome of her actions will keep viewers entertained and surprised, with her ultimate goal of teaching them all about sports on and off the field. Athletes and coaches do great things. The Sports Girls are going to share those great things with the world.



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Arizona Cardinals assistant coach Jen Welter has become the first woman to coach an NFL game, the same night the league’s first full-time female on-field official made her preseason debut.  Jen's new book "PlayBig" is one of a life changing! You can get your own copy at  

Welter worked Saturday night’s game against the Kansas City Chiefs as an inside linebackers coach, while Sarah Thomas served as the line judge in the seven-person officiating crew.


Welter served a six-week coaching internship that included Arizona’s training camp and four preseason games. She was the first woman to play a non-kicking position on a men’s professional football team last year with the Texas Revolution of the Indoor Football League.

Thomas, the first woman to officiate in major college football and a bowl game, had worked preseason games and training camps before being hired fulltime for the 2015 season.


Cardinals coach, Bruce Arians says, the NFL’s first female coach is “the type of person I was looking for.”

The first paycheck Jen Welter got from professional football was for $12 – and it was for a whole season, a dollar a game, including a championship.

Welter never bothered cashing that check, instead making it a keepsake and inspiration that she still carries around today, tucked into a purse that Tuesday was upstairs at the Cardinals’ Tempe facility while she talked to everyone about being the first female coach in the NFL.

Welter is one of seven interns Cardinals coach Bruce Arians has brought aboard, and her work with the inside linebackers will only last through the preseason. Her future as an NFL coach is unknown, but that doesn’t change the meaning of the moment.

“I didn’t start playing football to be here,” Welter said. “The beauty of this (is), while it wasn’t a dream I could have ever had, now it’s a dream other girls can grow up having.”




tsin tsin ong sports girl.jpg

Tsin-Tsin Ong, co-host of The Inside Score brought to you by The Sports Girls LLC, has been involved in the professional sports industry since 2008.


In addition to co-hosting ‘The Inside Score,’ she is an Operations Assistant at Bommarito Performance Systems where hundreds of professional athletes come to sharpen their skills.


She is an avid sports fan, a fan of the athlete, and is excited to bring some insight on the positive aspect of professional athlete’s lives on and off the field!



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Stacie DeBerry has been a fan of sports for over 20 years. Her first love is football which she learned from her dad while in high school. As a student at UCLA, Stacie’s love of sports continued to grow and she is an avid fan of college football and all sports UCLA.


Over the years, Stacie began to recognize that her knowledge and love of sports benefited her professionally, romantically and personally. She made it her mission to help women learn, love and live sports!


In 2013, Stacie started her company Sports Basix, an internet based company that provides online instructional videos to teach women about sports in 30 minutes or less!


Since her launch, Stacie has been a featured guest on various radio and talk shows. She also has been the topic of several blogs including a feature in the Happy Wives Club.


Stacie is the mom of 2 and the wife of an executive in the NBA. She currently resides in Valencia, CA and her favorite past time is watching UCLA football.

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